Polyurethane Spindle Lathe Liners

Polyurethane Spindle Lathe Liners

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Polyurethane Spindle Liners for CNC Lathes. These are lighter than conventional metal liners. The inner bore can be molded to the shape and size fed through the spindle (std. is for round bar). Material used has significantly higher vibration dampening and protects the stock from scratching. Noise is reduced. Call us for other sizes and shapes. FOB IN, shipped by UPS within 1 week or less. We will call you for dimensional data, see drawing.

tc-0-2.25=Polyurethane spindle liner, from 0" to less than 2.25" dia. Draw Tube ID

tc-2.25-2.75=Polyurethane spindle liner, from 2.25" to less than 2.75" dia. Draw Tube ID

tc-2.75-3.125=Polyurethane spindle liner, from 2.75" to less than 3.125" dia. Draw Tube ID

tc-3.125-3.5=Polyurethane spindle liner, from 3.125" to less than 3.5" dia. Draw Tube ID

tc-3.5-3.875=Polyurethane spindle liner, from 3.5" to less than 3.875" dia. Draw Tube ID