Supertec Surface Grinder STP-3A1224

Supertec Surface Grinder STP-3A1224

  • $27,495.00
  • Save $3,055


  • Mitsubishi PLC control uses a menu-driven LCD touch screen with easy to learn and use cycles. The operator fills in the blanks to set: total downfeed, roughing increment, fine increment, sparkout passes, direction of feed, parking position, wheelhead retraction amount.
  • Double “V” ways on longitudinal & cross axes
  • 5 HP spindle motor
  • Auto Downfeed (Driven by AC Servo motor) and Rapid up/down Auto Lube System
  • Extra low noise & low temperature rises in the Hydraulic system & spindle
  • Annealed twice casting for greater machine stability
  • Low-friction coated surfaces – Slideways are hand scrapped & Turcite-B coated
  • Spindle run-out 0.0001” TIR
  • 220 v 3 ph

Standard Accessories & Package Accessories:

  • LCD touch screen and Mitsubishi PLC
  • Menu driven cycles
  • Electromagnetic chuck
  • Chuck control w/variable holding power
  • Coolant System with paper filter
  • Splash Guard
  • Balance arbor
  • Table mounted diamond dresser
  • Tool box w/tools & leveling screws

Note: Photo shows the model SG-3A1224

Chuck size W x L 12x24"
Max. from spindle(center) to table top 19.2"
Max. longitudinal travel 28"
Max. cross travel 13"
Hydraulic feed 40-1000 ipm
Continuous traverse feed 40 ipm
Grad. of handwheel 0.0001" on vertical
Spindle motor 5 HP
Wheel diameter 14"
Wheel width 1"
Wheel bore 5"
Weight (approx.) 3,630 Lbs