National N4812 Floor Model Hand Brake

  • $3,463.80
  • Save $301.20


  • Made in USA
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • All steel body construction with extra heavy duty tie rods for perfect alignment
  • Capacity - 12 ga. (2.7 mm) mild steel, 16 ga. (1.6 mm) stainless steel
  • Max. bending length - 49"
  • Floor space with counter-weight - 95 x 27 x 55"

Standard Accessories:

  • Extra Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Stop rods for repeat bends
  • Two large counter-weights
  • Precision bearings on the apron

Note: 3 year warranty from date of shipment covers cost of parts found to be defective upon factory examination, FOB factory, no labor included. Warranty does not apply to machines modified, misused or repair work unauthorized.

Specifications: N4812
Cap. (mild steel) 12 ga(2.7 mm)
Cap. (stain. steel) 16 ga(1.6 mm)
Bending Length 49"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1050
Floor Space 95x27x55"