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Tube & Pipe

We offer a broad assortment of new Tube Notchers and Pipe Notchers in various sizes. Just click on any photo or link below to see the details on the new Notching Machine you have selected.

Products Notching Capacity Angle Adj. Size HP Year Price
Baileigh Abrasive Nothcer TN-400
Baileigh TN-400 Abrasive Tube & Pipe Notcher 0.75-2" OD 0-60 deg 4 x 79" Belt 3 New
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Baileigh Abrasive Nothcer TN-600
Baileigh TN-600 Abrasive Tube & Pipe Notcher 0.75-3" OD 0-60 deg 6 x 79" Belt 5 New
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Baileigh Pipe & Tube Notcher
Baileigh TN-800 Tube & Pipe Notcher 1-3" OD (0.5" opt) 0-60 deg 1" (0.5" opt) End Mill 1 New
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Baileigh Notcher TN-300
Baileigh TN-300 Hole Saw Tube & Pipe Notcher 5/8-3" OD Infinite uses Hole Saws 1/2 New
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