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We offer several quality new Mini Lathes for metal or wood. Just click on any photo or link below to see the details on the new lathe you have selected. Once the link opens, scroll below the detailed description and multiple photos to find common optional small lathe accessories. Please call us for any additional options you may require to configure your mini lathe.

Products Swing Centers Bore HP Year Price
Proxxon PD250 Mini Lathe
Proxxon Mini Lathe PD250/E 2-3/4" 9.8" New
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Proxxon Wood Lathe
Proxxon Mini Wood Lathe DB250 3.12" 9.7" 0.12 New
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Proxxon PD400 Mini Lathe
PROXXON MINI LATHE PD400 6.69" 15.75" 0.807" 0.8 New
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