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Lease Application

eMachineTool.com® online leasing is easy as 1-2-3, no financial statements are needed. Apply online and have approval in 24-48 business hours!

Leasing has many advantages. Eight out of ten small businesses lease rather than purchase today. Leasing allows you to get the equipment you need without the large up front cash outlay. Leasing maximizes your cash flow, conserves working capital, and preserves your credit line.

Leasing is available from 60 down to 24 months and with $1 buy back or 10% buy back at lease’s end. It’s easy to fill in our simple 1 page Leasing Application Form below. Please complete and return to us by fax at 803-648-6118. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We think you’ll agree that you’ll find the best pricing and options for Machine Tools at eMachineTool.com®

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